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Workforce Optimization

Develop high-performing teams by optimising schedules, work assignments and work quality—all in one workspace.

Benefits of Workforce Optimization

Rev up team productivity

Get a bird’s eye view of work, schedules and skills so you can manage for ideal performance.

Gain real-time visibility

See KPIs by channel. View work items, load balance and monitor interactions to improve quality.

Schedule for success

Set teams up to win with smart, versatile scheduling. Track shift coverage, swaps and time off.

Boost work-life balance

Apply insights and data to promote balance for employees. Achieve a happier, more engaged workforce.

Features of Workforce Optimization

An easy, intuitive interface for team scheduling

Team scheduling

Manage shifts, breaks and time off-requests with an intuitive, omni-channel scheduling interface.

Individual performance reporting

Performance reporting

View team and individual performance using real operational data. Drill down for helpful context.

Monitor channels and conversations in real time

Omni-channel optimisation

Monitor conversations, analyse voice recordings and track capacity utilisation across all channels.

Help your teams and individuals develop professional skills

Skills management

Improve service quality with on-time coaching and intelligent skill development recommendations.

Additional Features

Quality assessments

Complete surveys and create quality scores with the results.

Queue management

View work as it moves through assignment queues. Track wait times and assist agents on long calls.

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