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Predictive Intelligence

Allow employees to focus on more meaningful work by powering your workflows with machine learning to automate routine tasks and get to resolution faster.
Enable anyone to create machine learning models

Predictive Intelligence Workbench

Enable process owners to build machine learning models based on the outcomes your business wants to drive. Zero coding skills needed.

Analyze similarities between open incidents and cases

Major incident detection

Allow machine learning to flag similarity across issues to quickly identify and triage critical incidents.

Solve issues faster by connecting the dots with analytics that predict

Action and content recommendations

Use machine learning to automatically suggest relevant tasks and content to help agents solve issues faster.

System of action to reduce manual work and errors

Categorisation, routing, and prioritisation

Reduce manual work and errors with supervised machine learning solutions that learns from your existing data, to automatically classify tasks, incidents, and cases at scale.

Additional Predictive Intelligence features

Cluster analysis
Uncover opportunities for improvement with unsupervised machine learning solutions that identify patterns by continuously segmenting and grouping similar items.

Single AI platform 
Deliver consistent, AI-powered experiences across portals, workspaces, and mobile apps by consolidating delivery through a single platform. 

Out-of-box templates 
Predictive Intelligence Workbench provides an easy interface with out-of-box machine learning use case templates so you can build models without writing any code.

Dashboards and reporting 
Connect AI to analytics for real-time insights into the improvements being driven across your organisation by machine learning. 

Data security 
Machine learning solutions are only trained with your own data, which never leaves the ServiceNow data centres. 

International language support 
Provide data, insights, and recommendations in English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, and Dutch.

Performance monitoring  
Enable continual measurement and refinement of machine learning models using PI Workbench.

Benefits of Predictive Intelligence

Deliver and refine AI quickly

Allow service owners to quickly take advantage of AI capabilities–without needing data science expertise

Work faster and smarter

Use natural language processing to recommend content and actions that help teams solve issues quickly.

Improve efficiency and customer satisfaction

Proactively detect major incidents and uncover the biggest opportunities for improvement.

Decrease resolution times and manual errors

Automatically route and assign work so requests get to the right team, at the right time.

A powerful workflow engine with AI

Predictive Intelligence is part of the Now Platform

Simplify how work gets done and provide intuitive experiences using a powerful workflow engine with native artificial intelligence on the Now Platform®.

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