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What is business continuity?

Business continuity is the advance planning and preparation undertaken to ensure that an organisation will have the capability to operate its critical business functions during emergency events.

Why is business continuity important?

Business continuity is important because IT disruptions and natural disasters are events that organisations worldwide must prepare for and be able to quickly recover from. Business continuity programs are vital to any enterprise to enable timely, organised responses to disruptive events.

Enterprise service outages can lead to lost business, customer disappointment, and employee frustration, as well as regulatory action, including costly fines. By building resilience using business continuity planning, enterprise IT and business operations teams can address these types of risk to their business.

What is business continuity planning?

Business continuity planning is the process of developing systems and plans for how to keep essential functions operating during and after a disaster or major disruptive event. Business continuity plans typically address both prevention and disaster recovery.

What do business continuity planners do?

Business continuity planners (a.k.a. crisis management planners) design and create plans made up of risk management processes and procedures. The goal for planners is to be proactive and avoid interruptions to mission-critical services.

In the event that some operations are affected, the business continuity plan guides staff on how to re-establish full functionality to the organisation as quickly as possible.

What does business continuity planning involve?

Business continuity planning—also known as crisis management planning—is a cross-enterprise initiative led by the IT team. Every key department needs to have representation in the business continuity planning efforts.

Business continuity planning goals are to:

  • Ensure critical applications that employees need are working at all times
  • Have an appropriate disaster recovery plan in place no matter what happens
  • Employ business impact analysis
  • Meet the organization’s expectations for rapidly returning operations to normal after an event
  • Prevent hits to the organization’s reputation when events threaten to take essential operations offline

To execute on their business continuity planning, many trailblazing companies use ServiceNow® Business Continuity Management (BCM).

What is crisis management planning?

Crisis management planning is another common term for business continuity planning.

How does ServiceNow help customers be more resilient and avoid business disruption?

ServiceNow helps customers be more resilient and protect critical enterprise workflows by automating disaster recovery planning and management with a cloud-based solution.

Our customers use ServiceNow Business Continuity Management and leverage the strength of the Now Platform® to:

  • Perform business impact analysis
  • Identify gaps between IT capabilities and business needs that increase exposure
  • Manage service outages
  • Practice what-if scenarios

Does ServiceNow have its own business continuity plan?

At ServiceNow, we use integrated risk management technology as a core component in our own business continuity management (BCM) plan. BCM built on the Now Platform. Our business continuity management plan includes risk management, audit management, vendor risk management, and corporate compliance and oversight, which help organisations take an integrated approach to managing risk.

ServiceNow Business Continuity Management helps organisations manage risk assessment more effectively by connecting IT, operational, and other types of risk and compliance activities on a single platform. The resulting data sharing and increased visibility can help improve decision-making and performance at the highest levels of the organisation and often reduce duplicative tools and efforts.

Plan for disruption

ServiceNow BCM helps customers be more resilient and protect critical enterprise workflows by automating disaster recovery planning.

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