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Time Warner enhances visibility and service quality with ServiceNow


Events a week reduced to less than 1K


IT asset and service management


IT service incidents more quickly

Time Warner moved from multiple, disconnected monitoring tools and manual processes to an automated approach that provides seamless integration between event management and the CMDB, as well as with ServiceNow ITSM processes.

Global media/entertainment leader consolidates IT services

For more than a century, Time Warner has been engaging audiences with its films and television shows. A global media and entertainment leader with businesses that span television networks, film, and TV entertainment, the company is known for well-known brands such as Home Box Office, Turner Broadcasting System, and Warner Bros. Entertainment.

Like many large enterprises, Time Warner had multiple IT organizations. Each of its three main operating divisions had separate IT infrastructures, leading to duplication, lack of standardization, and increased costs.

To address this issue, Time Warner set up an Enterprise Infrastructure Services (EIS) group, consolidating data centers, IT service management, and IT operations management under a single umbrella.

Time Warner lays the foundation with ServiceNow IT Service Management, removing multiple monitoring tools and manual processes
To drive consistent enterprise-wide IT processes, Time Warner decided to standardize its IT service management platform. While the company already had multiple legacy IT service management tools from other vendors, it chose to replace them with ServiceNow—deploying a comprehensive IT service management solution that includes incident, problem, change, asset, configuration, release, and knowledge management.

“We chose ServiceNow IT Service Management because of its industry-leading capabilities,” says Olga Krasovski, Time Warner’s Director of Service Management. “It’s user-friendly, and it gives us best practices and standards out of the box.”

ServiceNow Event Management seamlessly extends IT service management, in just two months
Once successfully live with ServiceNow® IT Service Management, Time Warner turned its attention to event management. At the time, Time Warner’s EIS organization was struggling with multiple, disconnected monitoring tools that sent overwhelming numbers of emails to a shared mailbox. The service desk team had to review these emails, wading through huge amounts of noise to identify real issues. Once an issue was identified, an incident was manually created. Because of this approach, there was no consistent way to prioritize incidents, which were then often assigned to the wrong person.

There was no consistent way to prioritize incidents, which were then often assigned to the wrong person.

Despite one of the divisions having a legacy event management tool, Time Warner’s EIS group chose ServiceNow because they recognized the power of ServiceNow’s unified platform.

“With ServiceNow, we get seamless integration between event management and the CMDB, as well as with ServiceNow’s IT Service Management processes,” says Olga. “That’s critical for our operations teams—with any other event management vendor, we would have to build all of those integrations from scratch.”

Time Warner went live with ServiceNow® Event Management in just eight weeks—an impressive accomplishment for the EIS project team. During this time, ServiceNow was integrated with multiple event sources, including monitoring tools from SolarWinds, Microsoft, VMware, HP, Hitachi, and others.

“Collaboration and communication are key,” says Olga. “By working closely with our monitoring teams, support teams, and other stakeholders, we were able to continually refine our approach—and we’re continuing to enhance the solution now that we’ve gone live.”

Intelligent automation increases service availability
Now, Time Warner has a consistent, automated way of managing the health of its business services and IT infrastructure. Rather than service desk staff having to review thousands of emails, ServiceNow automatically correlates incoming events—reducing more than 120,000 events to less than 1,000 incidents a week. ServiceNow also prioritizes incidents and intelligently assigns them to the right person or group—eliminating finger-pointing and back and forth between different teams. 

Time Warner
New York, New York, USA
5,001 to 50,000

With ServiceNow, we’re much more proactive. Because of this, we’ve actually reduced the number of high-impact incidents, and we’re resolving them more quickly.

Olga Krasovski

Director of Service Management


“With ServiceNow, we’re much more proactive,” says Olga. “We’ve actually reduced the number of high-impact incidents, and we’re resolving them more quickly.”

Time Warner is expanding to a complete IT operations management solution
Buoyed by this success, Time Warner is expanding its use of ServiceNow into a full IT operations management solution. The company has already started to implement Discovery and plans to roll out Service Mapping in the near future, creating a service-centric operations model underpinned by a fully service-aware CMDB.

ServiceNow® Orchestration and ServiceNow® Cloud Management are also on the horizon, which will allow Time Warner to further automate and accelerate IT operations.

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