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Parker Drilling uses HRSD on the Now Platform
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Transforming offboarding with digital workflows from ServiceNow


Automated offboarding process


Productivity improvement in HR staff


Estimated savings with automation


At any time, Parker Drilling is working on multiple locations with employees and contingent workers. It needs work teams to have access to the latest data, but it must also manage a continuous stream of employees and contingent workers leaving a location. This presents a huge security headache. How do you streamline the management of offboarding? How do you replace outdated paper-based processes without disrupting project deadlines?

Automating to drive efficiency and consistency

“There are three ways in which IT can best support the Parker Drilling business,” says Rebecca Mookerjee, the company’s Senior Director of IT. “Automation, automation, automation.” It’s not that Parker Drilling doesn’t have a place for human talent—it works with thousands of highly skilled contractors and services providers worldwide, on a daily basis, but it recognises that automation is its best hope of driving efficiency and consistency. The oil and gas industry is amongst the most regulated health, safety, and environmentally-conscious of all industries. Processes should be lock-tight. Regulators demand an audit trail.

“We need to connect the data and produce reports effectively and efficiently,” explains Mookerjee. “In many instances, things that were done manually in the past now have to be automated.” The goal, she says, is for the business to be more proactive in the way it manages operations. It doesn’t just want to be faster at reacting to situations, it wants to use its wealth of operational data to anticipate and plan ahead.

Overhauling a paper-based offboarding process

Offboarding was one process ripe for automation. Parker Drilling works on drill sites all around the world. Each project involves the use of freelance contractors and specialists, brought in to do a specific task, often for a set period. Parker Drilling needs teams to have access to its systems and shared folders while they’re working, but must cut access to sensitive financial, design, or operational data once both employees and contingent workers are off the job. Parker Drilling utilised ServiceNow to completely automate and proactively monitor its offboarding procedures. The engagement overhauls the previous paper-based system, removing human error, and establishing process consistency. The company also uses a central dashboard with ServiceNow Performance Analytics to anticipate trends and stay ahead of potential issues. A series of automated warnings and alerts keeps processes on track and establishes real-time control. The introduction of a virtual agent, Kahra, with automated decision-making, removes the need for manual fulfilment.

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Parker Drilling
Parker Drilling
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Finally, all the information is in one system with automated forms and is really easy to configure.

Rebecca Mookerjee

Senior Director of IT

Mookerjee continues, “And with Kahra, no one has to touch the system to move the offboarding process along. We are able to work the case automatically through predefined workflows. For example, submitting offboarding requests to management, then removing software access once the management request is approved.”

Transforming how the business manages internal controls

The project has transformed how the business tracks and manages internal controls, ultimately creating an efficient and painless offboarding process. Approvals are automated across legal, site management, and HR management. There are automated alerts on two- and four-days where SLAS are in danger of being missed. It is Parker Drilling policy for systems access to be denied within 10 days of a person leaving a project. Offboarding time has been reduced by more than three days through the use of automation. Systems access for those departing is now one day and seven hours, down from four days and four hours. Failure rates have been improved by 99.6% thanks to parallel approval processes. Annual reporting used to take a week to compile and is now completed in less than a day. “In the first seven months of this year the business has offboarded more than 1,000 individuals,” Mookerjee explains. “The failure rate—where access to the system is not removed within 10 days, is less than 1%. The previous rate was closer to 8%. And we’re in a better position to constantly improve. We’re capturing all the data, and we’re receiving information in a timely manner.”

Agreeing on criteria for new automation projects

The engagement with ServiceNow was always going to address more than offboarding, Mookerjee adds. There are few aspects of the Parker Drilling business that couldn’t benefit from workflow automation. ServiceNow has proved nimble and easy to implement. “We quickly recognised that using low or no code technology to establish new workflows will help us be more resilient in the future,” she says. “The Now Platform® App Engine means we can deliver faster to our business groups and enables more successful automation projects.” Today, Parker Drilling also uses ServiceNow® IT Service Management, ServiceNow® IT Operations Management, ServiceNow® IT Business Management, ServiceNow® Knowledge Base, ServiceNow® Orchestration, ServiceNow HR Service Delivery, ServiceNow Performance Analytics, and ServiceNow Virtual Agent. Workflow automation is driving into every corner of the business, from legal to the onboarding of new suppliers, to the annual compliance survey. An upcoming project will see the automation of talent acquisition and onboarding. “Our challenge is prioritising these projects,” says Mookerjee. “We have to consider what will grow revenue, what will reduce risk, and what will create value. We’re confident we’ll have the figures to prove the ways in which automation will continue to drive success.”

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