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AMEX GBT integrates employee onboarding across HR, IT, and facilities with ServiceNow


Reduction in email traffic, eliminating over 300K emails per year


Annual cost reduction


Hours saved per year, a 99% productivity gain

AMEX GBT automates preboarding and onboarding functions across onboarding teams, HR operations, IT, and facilities, creating end‑to‑end process visibility and efficiency with ServiceNow. This included a new onboarding portal and ordering guide for hiring managers, which allows them to order persona‑based bundles in as little as three minutes.


AMEX GBT needs to hire and retain expert staff, making it imperative to deliver a superior employee experience
As one of the world’s leading corporate travel companies, American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) has built its reputation by providing expert services, advice, and assistance to travellers. To create and maintain these high-quality services, the company needs to recruit, motivate, and retain the best. This starts by providing a superior employee experience. By simplifying employees’ work lives and putting information at their fingertips, AMEX GBT increases employee satisfaction and drives productivity, which translates directly into better service for its customers.

The company saw a major opportunity to enhance the employee experience by transforming and automating its onboarding processes with ServiceNow
That’s why AMEX GBT streamlined and automated its employee onboarding processes. “We relied on manual processes and emails for everything from preboarding documentation through to requesting laptops, new accounts, desk space, credit cards, and more for new hires,” explains AMEX GBT Service Delivery Analyst Daniel Komar.

“Our onboarding team did a great job, but it struggled with the sheer volume of manual work. And, because everything was done manually, there was no visibility for new hires and hiring leaders—no easy way to see what had been done and what still remained. It just wasn’t sustainable. We needed an automated onboarding solution that allowed us to improve the end-user experience, eliminate manual processes, and reduce onboarding costs.”

To drive this transformation, AMEX GBT leveraged the Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions application of ServiceNow HR Service Delivery. According to Daniel, “We already used ServiceNow IT Service Management, so we had many of the key components in place, especially when you consider the major role that IT plays in onboarding. HR Service Delivery built on this foundation, giving us a complete onboarding solution.”

“In principle, we could have built this functionality on Workday, which is our primary source of truth for employee data. However, ServiceNow gave us critical onboarding and IT functionality out of the box. It just didn’t make sense to start from scratch with Workday. Instead, we let Workday do what it’s good at, and use it to trigger ServiceNow onboarding once an offer is accepted.”

AMEX GBT standardised preboarding activities across 26 countries in just five weeks
AMEX GBT started by automating preboarding activities—the documentation and forms that new hires need to read and complete prior to joining. AMEX GBT rapidly deployed the ServiceNow solution across 26 countries, completing the global rollout in just five weeks, including addressing country-specific preboarding requirements.

Now, instead of receiving and responding to multiple emails, new hires see all of their preboarding tasks in a unified ServiceNow onboarding portal. This portal allows them to complete these tasks in one place and also lets them get online support from the onboarding team. This has contributed to a 90% reduction in onboarding email traffic, eliminating 300,000 emails a year. And, because ServiceNow tracks which preboarding activities have been completed, new hires, the onboarding team, and hiring leaders now have complete visibility.

With ServiceNow, the effort of ordering equipment and other items for new hires has been reduced by 90%
ServiceNow has also made it far easier to order IT equipment, desks, new accounts, and other items for new hires. Instead of the onboarding team spending 30 minutes or more ordering items individually for each new employee, hiring leaders can now order required items by themselves, choosing from standard bundles in a persona-based order guide on ServiceNow. Hiring leaders can also customize these bundles if needed, adding additional items as required.

Jersey City, New Jersey, USA
Financial Services
12,000 employees

IT partnered with HR to transform the onboarding experience. We went from several individual IT service requests to one order guide that only takes three minutes to complete. Simply awesome!

Patti Court

Director of Service Management

ServiceNow then sends corresponding requests to individual fulfilment teams and tracks these requests through to completion. Again, hiring managers and new hires have complete visibility into the status of each ordered item—for example, the delivery date and whether it will be delivered to the employee’s home or work location.

AMEX GBT sees savings continue as it expands ServiceNow into other business areas
According to Daniel, ServiceNow Enterprise Onboarding and Transitions is providing the superior level of support that AMEX GBT’s new hires deserve while delivering significant financial benefits. “With ServiceNow, our new hires get the information and support they need, when they need it. And, we’re saving $500,000 and 18,000 hours a year in onboarding costs. As we extend to other areas such as offboarding in the future, those financial benefits are only likely to increase.”

Gregg Scholz, the company’s Vice President of Operations, agrees, saying, “The ServiceNow onboarding portal rollout has been a great success—a true reflection of the cross-functional collaboration of all of the groups involved in the onboarding process.”

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