What good looks like

What good looks like

Standard Chartered Bank approaches digital transformation with a people-first perspective.

To improve the experience for its 86,000 employees around the world, the bank launched a people-centered design initiative to improve its day-to-day operations. The HR team conducted usability research and persona development to learn what really matters to employees.

“The crunchy realities of work in the real world are often much harder than they look on paper,” said Kate Mathias, global head of HR change portfolio and transformation at Standard Chartered Bank., at our last Knowledge conference. “This is especially so if you consider the global nature of our business and the strictly regulated environment that we operate in.

With that information, the bank rolled out the ServiceNow employee experience platform to 40% of its total market. Now, the company maintains some 20,000 FAQs and more than 5,000 knowledge articles on ServiceNow. It has also created more than 160 custom HR services, including 90 HR Service Catalogue items. The bank currently provides 138 automated services that use digital workflows to manage tasks such as forms, letters and case creation.

As a result, it has also replaced much of its obsolete technology and transformed its HR portal using the employee insights, research and testing.

Next, the bank planned to integrate ServiceNow technologies with other platforms, with the goal of creating even better employee and customer experiences.

That will maximize the power of the platform. Standard Chartered says it has already recorded an upswing in customer satisfaction.


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